What’s Up? 12/15/2016

I’m doing my best to get a grip on my Darksiders II playthrough, the more I play the game the more certain issues become increasingly glaring. I still like the game very much though and will continue with another two write ups detailing the game deeper and deeper. I understand Darksiders II isn’t exactly modern or relevant anymore, but it’s a game I’ve been dying (heh.) to get through and content is content at this point.

My wife and I did complete another game last night: Until Dawn. Yes, yes, I should be focusing on my playthrough of Darksiders II but it was in the PSN Holiday Sale for $7.99! Irresistible in my opinion, my wife seemed to think so as well. I may or may not do a review of it. Until Dawn is a really hard game for me to peg, I really love some aspects and the cheesy story but do have some issue with a couple of character and story beats.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to discuss some plans I have for this blog and possibly launching it as a full website. Here’s a list of ideas and plans I’ve compiled: Continue reading “What’s Up? 12/15/2016”