Over the (Long) Weekend: 12/23-12/27

Whelp, this is mostly just informing of what’ll be going up this week. I finished up Saints Row IV and all of the DLC for it. Expect a review on that. Also be on the look out for a review of Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition for PS4, which I also finished over this weekend.

What’ll be next is still up in the air right now, presumably I’ll be getting through Dragon Age: Inquisition. However, I do want to play through the Metro Redux pack that I got and also the Banner Saga games as well. More than likely I’ll just be finishing up Dragon Age: Inquisition and getting it out of the way, my only problem is that this game consumes me and I’ll spend hours running around reading notes and finding new things.

Overall, a pretty productive holiday weekend. DA:I will take me a while, I’ll continue updating with other content as I play through this. Game of the Year 2016 stuff might happen also, not sure yet.


Darksiders II Review

Building off of the success of Darksiders, Darksiders II evolves away from the more traditional action-adventure formula and into a more grandiose RPG-styled adventure. With the first game giving clear homage to The Legend of Zelda, Darksiders II follows in the same footsteps in regards its overall structure. You are Death, one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and your quest is to clear the name of your brother War, the anti-hero of the previous game.

The quest to save War takes you through many different realms. Your first stopping point is the Forge Lands, a colorful and mountainous realm inhabited by the Makers. As far as characterization is concerned, the Makers end up amongst the most fleshed out in the whole of Darksiders II. Each of them has personality and attitude and it really feels like the Forge Lands are very fleshed out in comparison with the other realms of the game. Reaching the Tree of Life, you enter the Kingdom of the Dead. From here, the Tree of Life (or Death in this realm) becomes your portal back and forwards to other realms and locations. From snow-covered mountains to the pits of Hell and gates of Heaven, to the torn-up streets of Earth; you will see many locations each with its own tone, atmosphere and characters. Continue reading “Darksiders II Review”

Over the Weekend 12/16-12/18

Well I finally did it, I finished Darksiders II! I know that I posted a gargantuan write up about my thoughts on the game before, that post will still stay up but I am going to go ahead and write a review for it. Reason being is that I believe I have a lot to talk about in regards to this game and its formula, some things in the last half of the game really stood out to me.

Upon finishing Darksiders II, I dived into Saints Row IV: Re-elected. The game is absolutely bonkers and I love it! More on that after I’ve finished it up though. For now, here’s what I have planned on the blog for this week:

Uncharted 2-4 reviews are all going to be pulled and re-written so that they mold to the standard that I’ve created. I used this standard when I wrote the large write up on Darksiders II and I believe it really worked with keeping everything organized in a cohesive way.

Ideally I’ll be finishing up Saints Row IV this week depending on how far I want to go down the rabbit hole with all the side missions. After that, I’ll be going through the Metro Redux pack that I got as well. I’ve already finished Metro 2033 in the past but I’m going to go ahead and play through it again. Now that I have the opportunity to play Metro: Last Light this is the perfect opportunity to binge play them both.

Following completion of Saints Row IV and Metro Redux, I’ll be tackling the big mama-jama: Dragon Age: Inquisition Game of the Year Edition. I have previously played through a pretty significant portion of Dragon Age: Inquisition, but I’ll be tackling it from the beginning this time. I expect I won’t be done with this game for a little while, especially considering that I have all the DLC for it.

Speaking of reviews, they’ll all be posted on GiantBomb from here on out as well as here. I really would like more traffic to the site and for more people to see my content. Videos could be a possibility in the future depending on how these reviews are received.

As always, stay tuned for more changes.

What’s Up? 12/15/2016

I’m doing my best to get a grip on my Darksiders II playthrough, the more I play the game the more certain issues become increasingly glaring. I still like the game very much though and will continue with another two write ups detailing the game deeper and deeper. I understand Darksiders II isn’t exactly modern or relevant anymore, but it’s a game I’ve been dying (heh.) to get through and content is content at this point.

My wife and I did complete another game last night: Until Dawn. Yes, yes, I should be focusing on my playthrough of Darksiders II but it was in the PSN Holiday Sale for $7.99! Irresistible in my opinion, my wife seemed to think so as well. I may or may not do a review of it. Until Dawn is a really hard game for me to peg, I really love some aspects and the cheesy story but do have some issue with a couple of character and story beats.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to discuss some plans I have for this blog and possibly launching it as a full website. Here’s a list of ideas and plans I’ve compiled: Continue reading “What’s Up? 12/15/2016”

Not Gonna Review Darksiders II but Here’s My Thoughts on it So Far, Part I

Not Gonna Review Darksiders II but Here’s My Thoughts on it So Far, Part I

Right, so I have talked about Darksiders II in my previous post already but I’m going to go ahead and try to dive a little bit deeper into the game and explain what I like and what I don’t like about it. As it is, I’m currently about 1/3 through the game so this is purely my thoughts up to this point in the game. I’m really divided on certain aspects of the game, some things I really love and some things I really don’t love.

Darksiders II is an action RPG-Hack and Slash game developed by now-defunct Vigil Games and published by THQ. It was released in North America on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 on August 14, 2012 with releases in Australia on August 16, 2012, European Union on August 21, 2012 and Japan on November 29, 2012. The Wii U release of Darksiders II was on November 18, 2012 for North America and November 30, 2012 for Australia and European Union. The Deathinitive Edition, containing all DLC, enhanced graphics and lighting system was released for PS4 and Xbox One on October 27, 2015 worldwide with the worldwide PC release following shortly after on November 5, 2015. Continue reading “Not Gonna Review Darksiders II but Here’s My Thoughts on it So Far, Part I”

Over the Weekend 12/9-12/11

In one my recent posts I talked about playing through Darksiders II. Well, I didn’t lie but I definitely ended up going a different direction. I am currently playing Darksiders II but over the weekend I finally got around to finishing up The Last of Us.

I won’t be writing a review over it, but I will say that The Last of Us is a seriously emotionally exhausting game. Unlike many other games that try to do a dark story, The Last of Us just feels real. Emotions and tensions are running high throughout most of the game, once the credits started rolling I breathed a sigh of relief: It was finally over. Continue reading “Over the Weekend 12/9-12/11”

2016: A Year in Gaming and Expectations of 2017

Well, 2016 is drawing to a close, it’s time to take a look back on what this year has been like in the realm of video games. There have been disappointments, surprises, highs and lows. There are a few trends that I wish would disappear, and thankfully one of my biggest problems with games seems to be on it’s way out: Season Passes.

Now, companies such as EA and Activision will probably take a bit longer to get away from the idea of a Season Pass. It’s a really anti-consumer practice, do you really want to pay $70+ on launch day for the game AND the season pass just to ensure you get all the content? I don’t, especially if I’m unsure of the quality of the content. Look at Fallout 4 for example, the DLC released by Bethesda has been extremely hit or miss and now if you want the Season Pass it’ll come at a juicy $39.99 price, which is actually UP from the initial cost of $19.99! It’s ridiculous to say the least, and I hope this practice just dies a quick death.

Game launches seemed to be more stable this year overall. I was part of the Battlefield 1 launch and experienced absolutely no server issues, I’ve read that Titanfall 2 also had a very smooth launch. Overwatch also had a smooth launch and is easily one of my favorite games of the year (I’ll have a post later where I discuss my top games of 2016, if I feel I have enough material to write about anyway). Big multiplayer games had a good year this year overall. Continue reading “2016: A Year in Gaming and Expectations of 2017”