Over the Weekend 12/16-12/18

Well I finally did it, I finished Darksiders II! I know that I posted a gargantuan write up about my thoughts on the game before, that post will still stay up but I am going to go ahead and write a review for it. Reason being is that I believe I have a lot to talk about in regards to this game and its formula, some things in the last half of the game really stood out to me.

Upon finishing Darksiders II, I dived into Saints Row IV: Re-elected. The game is absolutely bonkers and I love it! More on that after I’ve finished it up though. For now, here’s what I have planned on the blog for this week:

Uncharted 2-4 reviews are all going to be pulled and re-written so that they mold to the standard that I’ve created. I used this standard when I wrote the large write up on Darksiders II and I believe it really worked with keeping everything organized in a cohesive way.

Ideally I’ll be finishing up Saints Row IV this week depending on how far I want to go down the rabbit hole with all the side missions. After that, I’ll be going through the Metro Redux pack that I got as well. I’ve already finished Metro 2033 in the past but I’m going to go ahead and play through it again. Now that I have the opportunity to play Metro: Last Light this is the perfect opportunity to binge play them both.

Following completion of Saints Row IV and Metro Redux, I’ll be tackling the big mama-jama: Dragon Age: Inquisition Game of the Year Edition. I have previously played through a pretty significant portion of Dragon Age: Inquisition, but I’ll be tackling it from the beginning this time. I expect I won’t be done with this game for a little while, especially considering that I have all the DLC for it.

Speaking of reviews, they’ll all be posted on GiantBomb from here on out as well as here. I really would like more traffic to the site and for more people to see my content. Videos could be a possibility in the future depending on how these reviews are received.

As always, stay tuned for more changes.


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