What’s Up? 12/15/2016

I’m doing my best to get a grip on my Darksiders II playthrough, the more I play the game the more certain issues become increasingly glaring. I still like the game very much though and will continue with another two write ups detailing the game deeper and deeper. I understand Darksiders II isn’t exactly modern or relevant anymore, but it’s a game I’ve been dying (heh.) to get through and content is content at this point.

My wife and I did complete another game last night: Until Dawn. Yes, yes, I should be focusing on my playthrough of Darksiders II but it was in the PSN Holiday Sale for $7.99! Irresistible in my opinion, my wife seemed to think so as well. I may or may not do a review of it. Until Dawn is a really hard game for me to peg, I really love some aspects and the cheesy story but do have some issue with a couple of character and story beats.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to discuss some plans I have for this blog and possibly launching it as a full website. Here’s a list of ideas and plans I’ve compiled:

  1. Get domain set up and hosted (Already have this all put together just need to pull the trigger and pay up for the domain registration).
  2. Create some pillar posts, I’m not entirely sure if I’ll make these their own pages or just make them blog posts and throw them in with the pool. These posts will ideally detail my backlog further and what I plan on for finishing up the games that I have.
  3. Add a widget that lets me display what I’m currently playing, not a live widget or anything just what I’m currently playing through.
  4. Not sure if I’ll continue reviewing older games, I’m not sure if there’s a niche for this stuff but maybe someone could appreciate it? This one I’m unsure about.
  5. Create my own feature images for large posts.
  6. Schedule a series of weekly posts for either Sunday & Wednesday or Monday & Thursday.
  7. Possible weekly feature posts: “Over the Weekend” for Sunday or Monday. “Catching Up” for either Wednesday or Thursday.
  8. “Catching Up” feature should focus on updating status of “currently Playing” title or what is planned next.
  9. Friday feature for compilation of weekly gaming news, offer some insight and opinions on announcements or upcoming releases. Post will be made late in the evening on Fridays and will compile the current week’s news.
  10. Link to certain wiki pages in articles where more information would be beneficial? (Not sure about this one.)
  11. Monthly posts linking to featured articles of the month, compilation of links to posts? (Also not sure.)
  12. Write articles ahead of time if possible, proof read better and have better overall organization. Written articles should not have thoughts all over the place, guideline in place for writing reviews and thoughts. “Thoughts on…” posts should not be review length articles.
  13. Review scale is 0-10, move away from decimal scores.


Phew, I hope that’s clear about my ideas for the blog. I’ll also be trying to promote further and see if I can increase my viewing audience. It’s not an easy task but I’ll do my best not to be a complete scumbag advertising my blog or asking for likes.

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Guess I gotta say that garbage now.


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