Over the Weekend 12/9-12/11

In one my recent posts I talked about playing through Darksiders II. Well, I didn’t lie but I definitely ended up going a different direction. I am currently playing Darksiders II but over the weekend I finally got around to finishing up The Last of Us.

I won’t be writing a review over it, but I will say that The Last of Us is a seriously emotionally exhausting game. Unlike many other games that try to do a dark story, The Last of Us just feels real. Emotions and tensions are running high throughout most of the game, once the credits started rolling I breathed a sigh of relief: It was finally over.

Gameplay was excellent and it added tension to an already tense game. I didn’t die but maybe a couple of times throughout the entire game, my method of approach was somewhat stealthy. I scrounged every nook and cranny for supplies and crafted the limit of everything I needed, I maxed out a couple of the skills to give me an edge with the shiv.

With all my items crafted, nary a single bullet was used during combat except when I messed up or when it was absolutely needed. Many of the encounters, I’d attempt to lure as many of the infected or hunters and have them grouped together. Then, I’d either throw one of the nail bombs or Molotov cocktails in their direction and take out multiple of them.

The Last of Us is excellent, it is definitely a pillar which will draw a lot of research in the future when a dark and gritty story is wanted.

But, damn, I don’t think I want to play through it again. It was too raw and emotional for me. Like I said, I was exhausted by the end.

Anyway! Darksiders II, it’s a game and I’m playing it. Just some quick thoughts on it though: it hasn’t really WOW’d me like it did when I first played it. I like the loot system and they keep it interesting with the addition of the possessed weapons, which you can feed other loot to make more powerful.

The skill tree system is pretty rudimentary in that it’s not really that complex. That’s not really a complaint, it’s just a fact. There’s two skill trees so far, maybe more will come later in the game? Guess we’ll see.

It’s a really intriguing game and I really can’t wait to see where it takes me. So far, the locations have been somewhat different but nothing super standout-ish. It’s all built by the “giant” dwarf people, the Makers.

I’ll have a more detailed write up once I’m finished with the game. Taking on this backlog has been pretty successful so far, here’s hoping I can keep up the momentum when I get to my Steam library… Oh fun.


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