What’s Next? 12/8/2016

Now that I’m finally finished with Uncharted 2-4, it’s time to move on to other games in my backlog. I might not do reviews on all of them, simply because of the sheer volume of them all (Over 360 games on Steam and many more in GOG).

Well, I believe I’m going to be tackling what I have on the PS4 at the moment. Right now then, that’ll be Bloodborne, Darksiders II Deathinitive Edition, Dead Rising and Dead Rising 2. I had a few hours in Darksiders II on PS3, so it’ll probably be the next game that I’ll attempt to finish. It’s also a great game so there’s no point in putting it off for much longer.

I’ve organized my Steam library is a way that I’ll be able to tackle my backlog even further. Out of the over 360 games that I have, a few of them were bound to be crap so I placed those in their own category. The same was done for multiplayer focused games and then games that I really have no interest in playing at all.

Hopefully I can start tackling these games and bring this backlog into line.


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